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Two Problems Concerning Pvp

May 01, 2010
I have been pvping the last couple of days, and with that, an occasional adept/magus coming to watch, sometimes, I go to watch thier matches. These are the main problems I am seeing (note, these are 1v1 matches....)
1: TC level 58 spells- I would like to see these capped, at least until a level that can actually withstand them (for instance, I saw a magus life blade up twice with spirit blade, TC and regular, then skeletal dragon and obliterate my friend, along with I have seen this a lot of other places too)
2: Rank- If they havent/arent already working on it, I would like to see rank based more off of level, and not actual rank..... This would help against puppet teams, both high/low level, and high/low rank).....