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Trying to win some games in ranked

Jul 08, 2012
I am a lvl 52 death wizard who is pretty good in practice but cant win in ranked. Can someone help me please?


Dec 28, 2008
Hey I have a level 42 I like to pvp with quite a lot. Maybe we can pvp together or something cause i'm currently looking for someone who's at least experienced in pvp and knows what there doing.

Aug 20, 2011
For Level 52 Death, most of your early opponents will be between Levels 40 and 65. It is crucial that you find a hat, robe, boots, ring, and athame that will give you resist, Death hit boosts, and critical block. The Glendemming set is what you want to aim for when you get enough tickets.

Your deck planning is also important. Make sure you have learned the following spells before you make a deck:
  • Ice spells up to Tower Shield
  • Balance up to Weakness
  • Sun spells up to Giant
  • Conviction
  • Reshuffle
  • Life up to Legend Shield
  • Fire up to Glacial Shield
  • and, if you can learn Deer Knight from Loremaster or Knight's Lore Pack, do it

Try the following in your deck:
  • Max Tower Shields
  • Max Weaknesses
  • Max Giants
  • Max Poisons
  • Max Vampires
  • 4 Deathblades
  • 2 Spirit Blades
  • 3 Doom & Glooms
  • whatever else you want

Make sure you pack at least 1x of the following Treasure Cards:

  • Triage
  • Shatter
  • Pierce
  • Infallible
  • 35% Time of Legend or White Rat Magician (to clear opponent bubbles)
  • 55% Tower Shield
  • 30% Weakness
  • Sacrifice
  • Death Minotaur
  • Monstrous-enchanted hit spells (mainly Poison and Wraith)

Some final notes:

  • DO NOT simply blade, blade, hit with your biggest card. That strategy is easy to thwart. Try defending yourself, saving your pips, then using Infallible and unleash a poison-poison-vampire combo.
  • Defeat minions with Banshee or Vampire. (Unless you have Deer Knight.)
  • Practice messing up your opponents' hits. A lot of private-veteran ranked wizards think they can beat you with one big hit. Beat those hits, and you are half-way to a win.