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True Way to Fix PvP

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
KI, with the reshuffle update, people with jade armor are impossible to defeat, and now, they don't only not attack, they simply wait for you to run out of cards! KI, with Fairy Friend in the game, rated as an Uncommon talent, they're even more impossible to kill. We NEED Reshuffle back, I'm not going to buy a keeper's more pack just to waste 12 hours of my day waiting for my opponent to run out of cards. With unlimited reshuffle this was all made possible, killing someone with jade armor easily. KI, the real way to fix pvp is banning the keeper's lore pack gear from pvp only, just like what you did with the polymorph wand, nobody complained.

KI, can you make 2 different "modes" of pvp? One will be first age and the other second age. This would really be appreciated by millions of players, oh, and also when you do that, make reshuffle only be like that in second age pvp, not in 1st age or PvE. KI, complainers and lazy people have been hogging the game, and now I regret every complaint I ever made, I just want pvp and reshuffle to be back!

Dec 18, 2008
The only true way to fix PvP is to get rid of it completely. There are too many other problems that Kingsisle has yet to fix. Keeper's Lore Jade Gear is just a minor issue to be resolved, not near a problem that should be addressed any sooner than the actual game changing ones.