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Treasure Cards (hopefully) polite discussion

May 15, 2010
I don't have a lot of experience with the arenas, but I was killing some time in the pvp matches yesterday while waiting for a friend to join on a quest. I won two fights using a treasure card. One was against someone of a similar level with a powerful pet card, and one was against someone ten levels higher than me.

I think what upset my opponents the most was that they had a pvp system of traps, shields, blades, and a killer card - a system that in both cases had obviously been used successfully against a number of other players - and it didn't work. In fact, one of the other players was so sure of himself that he started saying things like "get ready," and "bye" right before he cast his big purchased-pet spell.

I stayed up last night to research it - I don't like being accused of cheating - and I have found that using treasure cards in the arena is not against the KI rules (although many think it should be). Before last night, it had never even occurred to me that anyone might have a problem with it. I now fail to understand how the use of a good strategy and a well-placed treasure card are any different from using cards obtained by pets or though items.

I understand that passions run high on this topic, and I have no interest in starting an argument. I would, however, welcome an intelligent dialogue from another point of view.

Kaitlyn FairySinger, Adept Conjurer

Jun 24, 2010
- Applauds - Very well said,

I agree, some people have strategies and some people just whip out the treasure cards! If it obeys the rules then fine, if your opponent has a treasure card in his deck with enough pips and mana to use it he has every right to go ahead and use it, even though this may seem like cheating because it completely ruins your strategy just be a good wizard about it and be happy, I believe that the wizards from journeyman up dont use that many treasure cards I believe its the starter wizards who are still a bit confused about the whole PVP and treasure cards system I will admit when I was level 5 - 10 I would be whipping out Vampire Treasure's and all that.

In Conclusion I would like to agree to keep treasure cards in battle, it makes battle's alot! Harder e.g. say I had my opponent on like 200 HP and then he suddenly lets the treasure cards rip! It takes the battle to a new level. I need to dig deep inside me and fight! Admit, everyone wants to win a PVP battle and I know I get that urge to win when the clock starts counting down...

Thank you for using your time reading this, please respect my opinion and remember, as Kaitlyn FairySinger said, keep this thread clean!

Yours truthfully
Jose Seabreaker
- Guardian of Ice -

Jul 11, 2010
Hi I am a GrandMaster Balance, and I believe there should be some sort of restricton of the use of Treasure Cards. I also happen to believe that there should be an adjustment made the way teams are matched. Why? Because: If you want to become a warlord, all you have to do is (1) get three of your friends of any school, (2) all of you go buy a handfull of Storm Lords and Towershields, (3) cast tower shields for the first four to six rounds and (4) hit the team you are aginst with four Storm Lords in a row. You do not even have to youse nay of your own spells. Where is the skill in that? I happened to my friends and I just tonight and the "winning" team (none of whom actually had the spells in their school) bragged that we were stupid because we did not KNOW to do this. I am not stupid, I could have done the same thing but I would prefer to win on the merrits of my chosen school instead of buying a title, which is what iI believe this is.

Thank You,
Lauren LionWisperer

Aug 21, 2009
I think the use of treasure cards should be made school specific. That anyone can buy them from the bazaar or any school and use them defeats the purpose of having different schools.

Mar 15, 2009
I think a opition to use or not to use treasure cards in arena would fix alot of problems, that way true player's can choose not use treasure cards and fight only with school spell's,and let the other people go and play with treasure cards.

If you dont like this ideal plz come up with a better one that would be fair for everyone and not just for your self.

Jan 03, 2009
I agree with the idea on that treasure cards are just as bad as using a pet or clothes card.