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Treasure cards follow levels

Jun 17, 2009
from what i am seeing people are abusing the treasure cards

i already know people complain about cards such as storm lord wild bolt judgement ice giant fire dragon beguile all on a level 30 or 35 or maybe even a 28

in my opinion i believe the specific character needs to be of level to use the spell i mean for example you get those storm lords ice giant and such at level 48

only any level 48 school can use that specific spell not lower.

i personally see people just don't enjoy playing the game except for pvp and all they do is just use treasure cards why because they don't have to get to level 48 you should make them work for their treasure cards.. by then they will understand the enjoyment of the game and the hard work..

otherwise i see no point in playing the game at level 40 or 45 or maybe even 48. unless you feel like having a grandmaster thats different.

Jul 18, 2009
That or make these cards much harder to make/acquire. Once in a blue moon I don't mind, but facting level 5's with wild bolts who have full pvp gear spamming wild bolt isn't my idea of "talent".