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Treasure card abuse.

Feb 26, 2009
Ok, I am still REALLY ticked, even though this happened about three days ago. I was in a 4v4 pvp match, and all of a sudden this annoying kid started watching our match, and started calling us noobs and mouthing off claiming he could kill any of us. (I am a grandmaster necromancer, he was a balance somewhere in mb) I told him fine, but no treasures, he said ok. We went to the arena, got into the match, I started boosting, he started boosting. Right before I could attack him he used JUDGEMENT, there is NO WAY someone his lvl could use judgement without a treasure, he doesnt have a pendant that can give it to him ether. I yelled at him, and he started making fun of me and calling me a sore loser. Soon after I tricked him into admiting he HAD infact used a treasure, but he still proceded to make fun of me.
Treasure cards are giving low level players egos the size of timbuctoo because they feel they can mouth off to people like that and get away with it. I feel happy when I see low levels who are proud of using spells that they just earned and they think are cool, I was once challenged by a lvl 8 diviner who called himself 'the master' and so he challenged me to a pvp match, I completely destroyed him, but I was so happy that he was proud of a spell he had earned, not that he had traded for or whatever. I think treasure cards should have a level limit or something cause they are very unfair in my opinion, they give players abilities that they shouldnt have, thus making them ego maniacs.

NOTE: Not saying that anyone who uses treasures is a bad person, I am just saying that its annoying when a new player mouths of and then starts destroying you with treasures. When it comes to pvp, sometimes treasure cards can be ok, but sometimes they cant be.
Aside from the intense blab, please reply with your opinion.

Fiona Starcatcher.
Grandmaster Necromancer.