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Training points for ice wizards

Jan 15, 2013
Hello everybody. I am a level 28 ice wizard and I really need help with my training point spending. I am planning on completing the PVE storyline but also plan on heavy PVP soon. Currently I have trained up to Sprite, to Weakness and I have trained Cloak from Diego. What do I do next? I have considered training all the way up to Satyr but I feel like I wouldn't really use that spell too much. I have also considered training to Feint but I feel like that would not be needed as much in PVP. I currently have 2 training points but will go buy Reshuffle and the Elemental Blades from the balance tree. I know that I have run out of training points as of now but I will get a new one in two levels and will finish the Mooshu Blue Oyster quest soon. What else should I train that will help me in both PVE and PVP. Thanks!

Jack Frost