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Tournament byes

Jan 12, 2013
I was in a tournament today where someone didn't turn up. But because of uneven numbers they got 2 byes (180 points) to go with their 2 forfeits (0 points). This meant they beat some people overall that had at least turned up and participated (1 win/bye and 3 losses - 120-130 points). Can I suggest:

1) No-one should get more than 1 bye in a single tournament

2) When you get a bye, you have 90 seconds to acknowledge (like 90 seconds to enter PvP). If you are offline or don't acknowledge within 90 seconds the bye is worth 0 points. If you do acknowledge its worth 100 points (no punishment for bye)

3) If you don't turn up for any matches in the tournament you are automatically placed last and don't get any rewards. People enter tournaments to fight - not for byes and forfeits.

Jan 12, 2013
Best tournament ever. 9 people so automatically a bye. But at least 4 people (yes, almost half) weren't turning up for battles, or if they did, didn't cast any spells. You really need to remove rewards for people who don't make a serious effort to compete. It ruins the fun for others. BTW the person who didn't turn up at all got two byes for 180 points and finished 7/9. How can someone who doesn't turn up not finish last?

Seems the easiest way to get rewards in current system is flee first battle so you have 0 points going into round 2 and get a 90 point bye. As long as there aren't too many people you can usually then get a second bye in round 4.
Cheaper and easier than buying gear, tc, training pets, etc.

Are tournaments meant to be fun competition or just easy rewards?