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Dec 16, 2008
So i wasted 499 crowns on the tourney. I was seriously paired up with a lvl way lower than me and he was muted, on top of all that we went against WARLORDS. Why was i paired up with this guy? couldnt i be paired up with someone my rank and level? Someone please tell me because this is just insane and it makes me so mad. "KingsIsle Entertainment" need to make the tourneys fair, you guys should put mutes together and people who can actually talk together or else its all unfair and it just gets harder.

Jul 13, 2010
U must really.. Um nice way of saying would he out of your mind!

If ur very smart u would go pair up with a friend. There r bunch or just pick one up in arena there r so many that want to tourney together.

Never pair with a stranger. Why?

U cant plan n set up deck together
U dont no there stat n rank n lvl n school

Btw what school r u? If ur storm team up with myth, life, storm. N the other way around if ur those 3 school.
N if ur ice or balance team up with a life or your own schol.

Double school is very OP

Apr 29, 2014
Pair up with someone or you are just in it for quick tickets. I only randomly joined 1 2v2 but made a few good friends from it. I was also only in it for a few quick tickets. Lose and learn. That's what I say. I almost never lose these days and its because I kept that motto. How are you going to learn if you don't try it out? That new person probably had no idea. Heck when I had zero gear and was level 45 I joined a tourney out of the blue lol. Got beat down but I learned about tourney and knew what to expect on the new warlords I made.

Tourneys as far as I can tell are a bracket system by level. Unlike the rated pvp matches with are done by level and rating both. I am not sure I agree or disagree with the the match ups in the rated. But I only do tourneys these days and am fine with that system. Anyhow good luck to ya. Try some 1v1, try some classic 1v1 (my favortie) or heck even try some quick 1v1. There is a lot of pvp out there!