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too enemy friendly?

Jan 11, 2009
after looking at everyones auras. i have come down to saying that the life aura is so enemy friendly! sure it gives a boost to life wizards and we can heal better but we dont have that good of attack spells. so they can heal more than usual. and we kinda just keep attacking. we do not have anything up our sleeves either. like no weakness, no minus acccuracy, no negative heal. nothing like that. storm has plenty. you get it hit hard with sirens and what do you know your blades are gone and your fizzling the next turn. would it be fair if we had something more to make us tricksters like the other schools?
and dont say gnome gives dispels because i have a post talking all about that. so easy to take off now.

Feb 03, 2012
So you can heal to no end, increase heals, remove over time damage, and revive yourself? Life is fine as it is right now, the theme isn't really one to be doing any sort of negative effect besides damage. However it would be pretty fun to see something that yo would expect from life.

Jun 08, 2009
Well, Astro is correct in a sense. You already have two tricks: DoT removal (which can mess up the strategies of most duelists, Fire especially), and Guardian Spirit (which messes up the plans of everyone). I understand where you're coming from, though. But, some Treasure Cards may help. As a Storm, I'm rarely seen without a Shatter or Triage or two up my sleeve. If you need to remove some blades fast, look into getting some Disarms, or Shatters for Shields. And definitely don't be scared of GS.

Paul Stormglade, level 90 Archmage Diviner

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