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To Gamma

Dec 20, 2008
Hello Gamma. In one of the previous topics, you said it depends on rank and lvl of wizards to get paired in a pvp battle. But when I was a Master, i would go in with Adepts, Journeymen, and Initiates who were my friends to help with pvp. But I would go in and, as an example: A lvl 40 and lvl 20 were my team, when the other team was a lvl 50 and lvl 45. Guess who won that day...

Grandmaster Sorcerer
Aaron Sandblood

He also stated that it depends on the Player vs Player ranks of the combatants, and how many people are participating in the Ranked Player vs Player at that time.

When you join a Ranked match, the system takes your information and tries to pair it up as closely as possible with other players who are currently waiting to compete. If no comparable players are waiting to compete, the system will widen the search. The longer you wait, the wider the search, and the bigger the difference between yourself and your opponent.

Jul 27, 2009
Greyrose is right. They do match it up as fairly as possible. I have noticed that the longer i wait i may be paired up with a Warlord, or maybe a lower level private. But Gamma, there really should be balance shields, or at least have the tower shield to where you dont have to use 5 training points to get, so you can just get it with one, and not have to use those precious training points on ice.

Mar 19, 2009
Once I joined a four on four quick join match when I was level 24 and got paired up with people from 20-30. We were against levels 40-50 though we were half there level!!!

Dec 20, 2008
Jan 03, 2009
I am also having this problem but it is ridicules. I have fought a grand and Magus when both of us had low ranks. then it said that we had -1 ranking (which was a lie) and the match was over after they kicked our butts.