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Tips for storm level 60 1v1?

Aug 04, 2013
Hello everyone

I am posting this because i would like to become a commander. I am a storm level 63 wizard and here are my stats:

Damage: 95
Resist: 24% to balance, life, death,storm and myth. 33% to fire and ice
Accuracy: 22%( 92% storm accuracy)
Critical: 134
Block (really bad): 40

My gear is as follows:

Hat: Skyscream hood
Robe: skyscream robe
Boots: Tempest trackers( still farming the ww boots)
Ring: Ametyst ring of battle
Athame: Bear's claw of storm
Amulet: Nightshades choker ( gives to weakness cards)

Can i plz have some help as to what i should improve and a deck setup? i have infection, stun block, tower shield, satyr all trained ( weakness comes with the amulet ). My pet can cast infallible( i have the real spell and vengeance and gargantuan trained), gives me 4% universal resist and gives me 13 critical (ancient). Can i plz have some help because storm is very hard to pvp with ( i 1v1) and my rank is currently 464.

A warlord or someone good with pvp would be appreciated. Thanks :)

A strategy would also be appreciated.

Aug 20, 2011
PvP 1v1 as a Level 60 Storm is one of the hardest paths you can take. A lot of people don't have the stomach for it, because losses are aplenty. It's much easier at that level to be any other school.

That said, let's talk about what gear you might want:
  • First, yes, Waterworks boots are going to help you.
  • If you can get a wand with a good critical block boost, get it. Don't worry about losing your critical rating. You truly must not rely on critical hits at Level 60, unless you have a pet that has 4 critical talents.
  • Your pet has a good start, but needs a healing talent. I suggest May Cast Fairy or May Cast Healing Current. More resistance wouldn't hurt either.
  • If you can get a Life or Balance mastery amulet, that will help you tremendously.
  • If you plan to heal a lot, craft a Cosmic Kris athame and a Stellar Signet ring. However, if heal boost is not important to you, do Tower of the Helephant and get a Lexicon Blade and an Aureate Band.

Tactics and cards:

  • It's a balancing act of hitting big, and hitting fast. You won't have time, health, defense, or pips on your side, so my advice is not to carry a ton of shields and weaknesses. Offense is your defense.
  • Carry Tower Shields, use Weakness if you have to.
  • Carry Shatter treasure cards. Everyone shields against Storm.
  • Pre-fab some Gargantuan Wild Bolts, Lightning Bats, Storm Sharks, and Krakens. These are small hits that can devastate an opponent in a combo. Store a few of each in your side deck so you can always pull out a hit when you need it.
  • Buy Storm Cat treasure cards. It costs 0 pips and takes off the shields. (Everyone shields.)
  • Carry treasure card Infallible. Sometimes you have to hit through the shields.
  • Don't spend a lot of time on blades.
  • Carry treasure card Stun. Sometimes you really need that extra round.
  • Carry treasure card Triage. It kills Frostbite, Snow Angel, Skeletal Dragon, Poison, Heckhound, etc.
  • Carry treasure card Reshuffle. Using 3 pips is better than using 4.

Aug 04, 2013
Thank you so much Lucas Rain

Just one last request, what would be a good deck setup for this strategy?