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tips for dueling

Jun 18, 2009
hi everyone i'm here just going to let you in on some battle tips that work for me
1. if your trying to save pips use traps shield anything you can to keep you in the game.
2.use the wands and staffs that give attack like crush my staff is giving a attack doing as much as bloodbat(1 pip) for zero pips.
3.keep pierces in your deck they destroy traps you and destroy shield on your opponent
4. if your opponent has a minion kill it i would know i'm a myth wizard my cyclops can do up to 800 damage with cyclops when traps are set.
hope these help :-)

Apr 25, 2009
I'll add to that.

Always kill the healer first.

If there's no healer, kill the weakest player first.

Concentrate your attacks on one person. Don't let your team all focus on different people.

Get a group of your friends together and make your own team. Make sure it's rounded. For a 4v4, Fire, Balance, Life, and Storm would be a good combination.

If you really want to do PvP, be sure to pick up the elemental and spirit blades, shields, and traps. Since they're a different spell, they'll stack with your own school's blade and trap.

If you're life, stock up on healing spells. Unicorns, Satyrs, and Dryads are very important to victory.

If you're playing in anything less than 4v4, summon your minion, especially if you're myth.

Be wary of what arena buffs you use. If the whole other team is pyromancers, you probably shouldn't use wyldfire.

If you see someone saving pips, and they're balance, fire, or storm, take them out quick. Especially if they're storm. One tempest will take out your whole team if you're a low level.

Nightshade's choker is a fun item. Weakness will buy your team time. I've found that most people don't like to use their ultra powerful spells if they have weakness on them.

If you're death, stock up on hex, feint, death trap, and death blades. If you don't have too many dumb people on your team, you can pull off a crippling attack.

If you're a fire wizard, immolate is very useful. If you're getting hexes and fire traps put on you, put a fire shield up, and use immolate. It'll get rid of the traps, and you won't take that much damage because of your fire shield.

If you're myth, earthquake is your bff. Especially if there are balance wizards on the other team. Once they have a whole bunch of shields floating around them, pull out earthquake and watch them cry.

If you're on a team with your friends, and two people have "stun-all" cards, make sure they stock up on them. If you use two stun cards a round, one to stun and another to get rid of the shields, the other team will be helpless.

If you're REALLY wanting a high rank, don't start PvP until you're at least level 42. If you start at a low level in ranked PvP, then you'll be easily beat by the higher levels. Personally, I can only get to Corporal, and then the fights get way too hard.

Cya in the Spiral!
Cole Bluepyre lvl 31 Pyromancer