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Time limit to the arena

Jun 25, 2009
There are too many people that intend to grief other players in pvp. They have no intention to win, but keep the match going as long a possible. The only strategy is to bore and tount their opponets. There should be some time limit to arena in which after it expires, both players lose.

Feb 12, 2009
I would disagree with this. Some of the best battles I ever fought in the arena were over an hour long.

It is your responsibility to defeat the other person and survive yourself. They have the same task. Whatever tools they and you need to use within the construct of the rules are fair game. If they outlast your ability to stay interested in the duel and you flee, that is still a win. It all depends on which person wants it more.


Jun 25, 2009
I have also had some fun battles that have lasted over and hour long. I did not specify how long the time limit should be. How long is too long? What about matches where both parties run out of cards and refuse to use their last one and lose the match. There are many cases of a battle stand still that should be decided by a simple game mechanic of a time limit. Instead of losing, both parties could be awarded with a tie in which the ratings do not change. Another idea could be in the form of an option to offer a draw. A friendly way to release a match for those whom have spent three hours without resolve. I can come up with many reasons why there needs to be a mechanic to end matches for those that never seem to end on any fair bases.

Sep 15, 2008
Yeah me to. But mine lasted longer probably the longest fight i fought was six hours long and i still lost because i was fighting a 2v1 battle and lasted like 3 hours alone till i got board and just decided to give up.

Apr 02, 2009
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to strongly disagree with there being a time limit in the arena. Did you watch the the battle with Alex Jaderider and Angel Dragongem facing the admins? It was a 45 minute duel. If there was a time limit then both Alex and Angel along with the admins would of lost and we would not have been able to see who would come out on top. I could go further with more reasons not to have a time limit, but I'm not in the mood right now.