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time limit option

Jun 24, 2008
a lot of duels with high level wizards can last hours on end though i dont mind some people i dule with seem to get bored with it going so long
so it would be nice if before the duel starts you can have a option to set a time limit and after the time is up it is either called a draw or the team with the most combine health is the winner
thank you
steven stromwalker :-)

Feb 18, 2009
I definitely agree with this. I too get stuck in battles that seem to never end and have had others bail on the duel just to get out of it which gives me the full 10 pts. It would be nice to have a time limit though. Problem with time limits that I can see is the person who gets to go first would more than likely be able to have the upper hand unless it was made to where each individual had the same amount of turns each duel.

Hunter SilverHeart