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thought it was just griping...

May 03, 2009
Ok I thought the pvp gripe about mismatches was concerning a lower level player getting set up against another 7,8 or 10 levels higher.

Or maybe against one a couple levels higher but with access to higher class spells, or wearing zeke eq or something.

That was until my most recent match. After signing up in 1v1 and with no pause.. my level 15 hinie was sent to the arena and was facing not a player 10 or even 15 levels above me but a level 45!! That's right he was 3 times my level.

He was wearing weaker eq and his hitpoints were higher than mine but not by much. He was ranked a private. Appearantly those two bits of info made the system pair us up. LOL

If he only had 300 hp and was wearing shorts he would have blasted me! I know what kind of spells are avalable to a level 45.

I really don't want to limit my pvp to the 2 or 3 hours after school gets out and there are alot of players my own level available, but now I see I must or better yet just not pvp any more.

The fight was a hoot though. I threw 3 zero pip spells and he bowed out for some reason.

Well, we will see if the grizzle update brings any changes to the arena too.

Adiasta La Bye Bye