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this is what not right

Oct 11, 2011
pvp needs to be rank and level should be against each other that's not far to the levels and to the lower wizards in rank why have it were warlords and are going against wizards who never really play pvp .wizards who never did pvp and wants can't because they don't have a chance against the higher levels or the higher in rank . this game needs to put all the levels that are the same like level 90 against level 90 or warlords against warlords that how they should do it and the reshuffle is not cool how ya can only use it once in battles against the bad guys or in pvp because if it is a spell then it should be use as a spell not like it not a spell... it is really cheating to if people that's not doing pvp can see the spells the other that the other team use or if they have friends going in to pvp they cheat by telling there friends who they are going against and everything..... and its not right how the other teams friends bug you why you are going against there friends.... the game needs it were the people who turn off the enemy chat that should be on the people who watch people because they try to make the people who go against there friends mad so they can lose .... that's cheating and unfair ... it needs to be fix I wont to do pvp but it is hard with you go against people who do pvp all the time or when you go against warlords who more and likely live in pvp