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This is ridiculous

May 22, 2009
This is getting out of hand. The whole PVP forum is complaining, if not about this than its about that. Look, lets get a few things straight, if you HAVE been complaining about either this or that, please keep reading.

"Issue" 1: Chain Stunning

Here's where the real problems began. Chain Stunning. Its not fun to be chained stunned, i hated it. It just makes you want to quit PVP, and i did, i stopped PVPing and started farming bosses. Then i started playing again, and, guess what! 4 stun shields come along! so i'm dissapointed that now its basically impossible, and i beat a team attempting to chain stun, its not that hard. But the real issue here is that the community complained (rightfully at first) and something got done. The community realises this, and then tries to go further, saying that more shields need to be added. They were. But i saw clouds in the distance, for this could only mean one thing. The community was in control. Now i look at the PVP forum, and 9/10 threads are on the basic topic "balance is unfair". Its not. I have beet grands in max armor before. They really are over-hyped, you just need to learn how to defeat them.

This really makes me mad that people are going to keep complaining about something that is "unfair". Really, chain stunning WAS unfair, but now its basically gone, and people are still complaining about the possibilty of being chain stunned. My advice chain stunnies? 1v1. But back on topic, i knew this would happen. I knew it as soon as more stun shields were added. I knew it as soon as Dragonspyre was made easier. I knew it as soon as the warehouse was made optional. People just want to win without thinking. If the warehouse was mandatory (like it should be, most of my friends have beaten it), then Celestia would be the ultimate world, a real challenge, something not every wizard could waltz right through, but something that would require patience and persistance. Now it will just be another grind-away YAY! world. But also, people are trying to get judgement kicked out of the arena? They're trying to get dispells kicked out? People, think about what you're saying! Do you even think about your deck? Come on, theres a limit, and you crossed the limit when you made the warehouse optional.

"Issue" 2: Judgement

I just basically explained this, but come on people. You really cant just complain about anything hard in life and expect it to be changed. Sure they're probably the best 1v1 school on the block, but they do have a flaw, and thats pips. They need a lot to make a powerful shot. So lay off, its just a strategy. If anything happens to balance, then the PVP forum will be filled with "Storm is unfair" or "life is unfair" threads. Its ridiculous. You cant win every time, ya know. Thats not the way anything works. Just deal with your one loss to a balance, and move on with your life.

Look, if you want to complain, please complain to your friends. I've seen enough new cushioning in wizard101, and i really want a challenge. If you could stop complaining about something being hard, and start trying to fix your deck so that it works.

Also, maybe Kingsisle could have a "select your difficulty setting" allowing players to choose certain bosses, dungeons, and tower's difficulty. there could be "Normal", "Minor Cheating", and " enhanced cheating. I dont know, but i want there to be more of a challenge. And the whole issues starts right here in pvp, where people figured out they speak up and challenge goes away. If you read through all of that, then before saying ANYTHING, good or bad, please consider what i had to say. Thanks.

Chris Dusksword, Level 50, Spirit Walker
Connor Dragonrider, Level 45, Sword Saint
Seth Thunderhammer, level 6, Hero of Unicorn Way

Apr 30, 2010
I agree with you on the highest of level. People should stop complaining. PvP is never going to be totally fair to some people they will always find something to complain about and it gets on my nerves. So balance kicks your butt in PvP so what? Find a way to beat balance but they're not going to just drop the school because some people think that its 'Unfair' Quite your whining people. Wizards is a great game and you don't need to make a fuss because you aren's so great at PvP.

Aaron FireStone lvl 49
Aaron Hunter lvl 18

Dec 23, 2009
Aug 14, 2009
THANK YOU, someone who understands, i posted a few threads about this also.