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This is not fair about me fighting bigger lvl

Feb 03, 2010
Hey, guys!
I'm Morgan SparkleBringer, I hope some of you remember me, on some of my messages. I have been playing in arena for a few days and I'm a surprsing rank of Knight and well I want Wizard101 to do something about this! I do NOT wanna fight grandmasters and masters and magus's! Knowing that I'm AN ADEPT. If Kingsisle is reading this please fix this problem for our Adepts and Inanite's. When another Inanite or Adept comes in please make them go against us. 'Cause it makes it hard to win I was um whats it called? Oh yeah, Commander I went down 2 ranks. If any of you can help me in arena or something please do!
Please help!
Morgan SparkleBringer
Level 25, Adept Wizard

Young Wizard, I suggest you read the post at the top of these message boards entitled "Arena Matching"
The Ranked Player vs Player (PvP) matching system in Wizard101 is based on two very important factors: the Level of your Wizard character and the current PvP Rank of your Wizard character. The Level of your character is more important than the Rank, but your Rank is still a significant determining factor.

When you join a Ranked match, the system takes your information and tries to pair it up as closely as possible with other players who are currently waiting to compete. If no comparable players are waiting to compete, the system will widen the search. The longer you wait, the wider the search, and the bigger the difference between yourself and your opponent.

For matches of 2v2 or higher, the system will average out the determining factors for all the participants and attempt to match up players to the best teams and opponents that are available. The more players who are online and participating in the Player vs Player feature, the more closely the teams will be matched. When there are fewer players participating in the Player vs Player feature, the team members will be more varied and the differences between opponents will be larger.

May 31, 2009
i feel your pain, you just have to take a break and gain some levels. do not be greedy trying to become warlord too soon. i have several characters that have suffered like yours level 15 fighting level 30 or higher. take a break and come back later, it is all you can do.

Dec 28, 2009
Also, you can make your own match, and make the maximum level no more than, say, 25. It's as easy as that!

Dec 21, 2008
I noticed when you hit level 30, you start to face higher levels. I don't know at adept, when i was an adept, pvp was really easy.