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This is insane.

Nov 26, 2011
PvP might not be the main part of the game but seriously Kingsisle, puppets have gone on too long. Its ruining team PvP for low levels, You really call a rank 0 level 2 and a warlord level 80 vs private level 30s fair?! I call this insane. This seriously needs to be fixed, its been going on for a few years. This needs to stop.
I know some of you will disagree with me, but seriously, 2 level 30s vs a level 80 and level 5 is insane. End of rant...

Aug 26, 2012
i know what you mean and i agree i am always seeing puppets i used to be a 1v1 person (i am storm) and i am a master at it so i went to 2v2 and i was faced by puppets so i lost from warlord to a veteran they need to fix that

Nov 12, 2012
I agree 100%, I think all of them should all be reported, and given warnings to stop. It is unsportsmanlike, an exploit of the game mechanics, and harmful to the future of pvp.

Has anyone from KI acknowledged this as intended or not? If so can someone link the thread or let us pray for a response from a blue!