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This game is unfair to duelers? Cry Cry Cry

Sep 28, 2008
I am so tired of hearing that this card or that card makes dueling unfair. Judgement, WildBolt, Feint and whats next? Wraith with all its boost does more than Judgement and Wildbolt. Wait, you can defend against that can't you. A well placed shield and its damage is cut. Judgement can be defended against too. And yes so can the ever popular WildBolt. OMG, they can be defended against? We MUST band those cards that can cut the power of our biggest hitters. Ice Armor, Absorb, Tower shields ALL MUST GO. We can't have our best cards cut down. That is just NOT FAIR. What happens when people start coming to the arenas with shields and armor? The outcry would just be too great to contain. We HAVE to ban those cards.

Look, if you are going to duel, then it goes BOTH ways. ONE, you have to have some decent hitters with some boosts. Not only that but you HAVE to be able to defend yourself. Banning cards and limiting them to only this place or that place is NOT the answer. You have to think this through. Invest in some decent shields, gold cards or points, and develop a strategy that works for you. Oh, I get it. That means you actually have to think. Yes, I know its not easy. Given some time, a great deal more for some than others, you will hit upon a well balanced deck that can stand against even them most aggressive attacks BUT, you HAVE to think it through.

I know that thinking will cause some discomfort at first but as you continue to use your head for something other than a hat rack it too will pass in time. You will find that its fun to think and it causes you less pain. So don't give up on it okay?

As in any game that we all play, you have to have a strategy for winning. It is NOT going to be handed to you on a platter and it HAS to be EARNED. That means you will win some and lose some. GET USED TO IT. Its why there are so many playing it. Not everyone will win them all and you will not lose them all.

THINK people. It can change your lives if you just THINK it through.

James DreamRider
Grandmaster Balance
No Retreat No Surrender
and No One gets left Behind
USArmy Retired