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This block and critical are not working -.-

Jun 29, 2014
So last day I was doing pvp and I face storm, he had 476 critical and having 288 block....
My critical was 456 and having a block of 369 to storm. So he critical on me three times with 369 block after a mean while on my side I have 456 critical and he have 288 block I didn't even critical land in him . Is this how it really works now? Unfair!

Feb 23, 2012
YEA i am a critical noob in the arena in max pvp going in with 510 rating while others is left with 300 block and dont even land while they do on me going in with same amount if block and around 440 crit rating.

At times just to play around ill go in with 620 rating and will block me all the time THATS 50/50 chance i can land but guess i am all ways tails while heads all ways gets the win of blocking that 620 crit ffa.