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The Way of The Wraith, Magus Death PvP Guide

Dec 31, 2012
So you want to be a pvp overlord or a warlord. Well i'm here to help you fellow death wizards! :D. I made a streatgy called the way of the wraith. So lets look at it fellow death wizards and learn to unleash your inner wraith. 1:Gear.Use myth mastery or life mastery!Now i didnt use crowns gear.So until you get the commander gear, you'll have to get something to win with. I farmed for the senator's gear in aqulia. So i would get the Hat and boots. And if you really want to win get the robe. If you have the boots and the hat,get the terminal robe from the bazaar. Now right now you want to aim for the veteran hat. It will help you alot, trust me. Once you get the gear, time to set up the Wraith Deck! 2:Deck: Now i like to call this deck the Wraith Deck. My deck has 4 tower shields,3 volcanic shields,2 pixies,3 feints,4 death blades,3 dream shields,4 poisons,3 sacrifices,3 pirates,4 spirit blades,1 reshuffle, 2 death shields,2 strangles,2 doom and gloom,and finally 3 weaknesses. Now the tc deck xD.4 satyrs,3 sprites,1 triage,1 monster,1 pig,3 infallibles,1 death minotaur,and 3 dragons. Now if you dont have those spells go get them now! Btw if you have a life mastery use it, if you dont and have a myth one, put it on. And if you dont have both take out all the satyrs and take out the ninja pig. Use sprites to take off infections. Use death mino if you dont got your poison in your hand and he has a death shield on and you got blades and rdy to hit. Finally the pet. Just get a pet with resist and heals. Now how to win the schools.: These guys got resist and power. This is the most common school you'll be facing. Keep them weaknessed.Blade up and use infallible. Then use a bone dragon or a poison.If they weaknessed you take it off. Watch out for frostbite.Death are pretty hard for ice so you got them! : These guys are easy! Basicly just use tower shield and use bone dragon bladed with infallible and their done.:Hardest ones you can face. They will kill you with that deadly heckhound. Keep them weaknessed at all times. If they use the sky iron hasta, and you weakness them and they got blades, they goodbye to those blades. Kill them fast,Stack some death blades, Infallible and bone dragon and poison.:Not a problem for me. Dont stack death blades. They got earthquakes. Just use a death blade infallible and use a deadly minotaur, why not a bone dragon. Well these guys can shift it back and it can do some real damage to you.:Dont use poisons or dragons. Use ninja pigs or minotuars. Smart life wizards have triage and that can be a real pain. Keep them infected cause they can heal.:Pretty easy, just stack some storm shields or tower shields, blade up. Infect them and kill them! Well thats it for now. Austin Wraith, Level 39 Death Overlord Wizard, Out.