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The pvp strategy

May 17, 2011
1. Use many treasure cards (especially tower shield)
2. start as a low level (level 1, 5) because you will fight other low levels
3. If you have tower shield put in a lot because they are useful
4. if you start pvping at a high level balance wizard and you have power nova use it
5. use healing spells (if you have a good healing pt eqip it)
6. prediction stun (predict what they will cast and stun if you go first or round before
7. good gear, crowns if you can
8. 1v1 takes few moments
9. maybe stitch gear to trick eemy

I think that's all, I got coporial on my level 1 noob :) hope this helps!

Mary SparkleBlosssom level 71 Thurgest
Sydney MythLeaf level 9 Conjurer
Britany Sky level 6 Sorcer
Christina Bright level 1 Sorcer
And last but not least Mary SparkleBlossom level 6 Necromancer (2nd account)

Nov 25, 2012
in my pvp matches i use lots of...
1.)protection spells
2.)many boost spells
3.)spells that affects all the players
4.)heal when you need to or use the pixie spell
and that's my strategy in pvp

hope this information was helpful