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The PvP Matchmaking System Is Wack

May 10, 2013
I'm a level 30 life wizard, and I am finding it very hard to rank up, I'm 708.

I am facing level 30's with over 1400 rank. I am clearly at a disadvantage.
If that's bad, I'm facing level 40's at 1000 rank. I don't understand how the matchmaking system works.
Why am I able to play someone who's Corporal when I'm Knight? (the same level)
With this logic, does this make it okay for me to play Warlords at the same level? No, it isn't.

I'm okay with waiting longer for matches but honestly the matchmaking system is flawed and rigged towards the higher ranked wizards, that have over 1000 rank because a lot of the time they play lower ranked wizards and usually win because they have the commander gear.

I don't know about you, but I think that this needs to be fixed.
A proposed fix for this is to make sure that we could wait longer for matches to make sure that the match is fair, because currently, it is not fair. The "looking for fair opponents" doesn't work.

My friend and I went to test this in a 1v1, when he was a sergeant life and I was a knight life. (friend was 31)
We played each other, this is clearly not fair. I'm obviously a higher rank and have access to veteran gear.
Yes, he can still win, but it's very unlikely because of the gear I have.

Please fix this KI.