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The PvP matching system

Apr 25, 2009
So, I've had about 20 matches so far, not a lot, but enough to see that this matching system is totally ruinous at low and mid levels. The very beginning of a duel clearly shows you who is going to win (unless you're really lucky and you get an even match), because somehow even though the matching system doesn't match on level, it still causes teams to either be extremely underpowered or extremely overpowered. I'm level 24, and in a ranked duel I either have team members in mooshu or I get heroes of unicorn way still in beginner robes. And it's almost never a good mix of both. One duel I had put 4 players with over 1300 health against players with under 1000 health, and half the team ran before the first round was over. Guess that's an easy way to get beyond private.

I'm sure the matching system works very well with masters and grandmasters, but for the rest of us it would help a lot if we were matched in ranked duels based on level and rank, not just rank.

May 09, 2009
I know! This can really cause trouble for our reputation :(

One time my friend and I were joining a ranked match with people from Mooshu twice both of our levels. We tried our best but we could not hold them off. I eventually had to leave for the night. I usally can win against someone my level, but these people we could not win against. I think this Quick Join system is very unfair. I have gone down from Knight rank to Sergent rank in about a week. If anyone from the Wizard101 design crew reads this, please change the Quick Join system to the same Join in Practice PVP!

I agree with you 100%, Blazian,

Marcus Legendcrafter LVL 27 LIFE storm