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The Pros and Cons about Ice in PVP

Aug 29, 2010
A lot of people say that Ice is weak, and only stupid people use it. This is COMPLETELY wrong. Ice is probably the best school if you know how to use it. Here are the reasons ice is the best school:

1:You aquire the move tower shield. This is tied for the best shield in the game (tied with spirit shield and ice armor), as it takes away half of the damage of the next attack used on you.

2: You have the most health in the game, as you have over 3,000 health when you are level fifty with moderate health gear.

3: You get the move Ice armor, which shields you by 125 per pip. If you have seven power pips, you get shielded by 1,760 damage, much beter than spirit armor.

After this, I hope you realize that Ice doesn't suck.