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The problem is not over

Apr 24, 2010
Puppet teams are still with us. I'm fighting a puppet team right now and my gosh can i say it is annoying. Maybe make it so there is a 10 level limit to the difference between to peoples levels who are teamed in ranked? Cause really? Puppet teams solved? Not at all. Tell me if you still run across them. Just tell it in the replies below. Maybe KI will actually fix the problem instead of saying they 'fixed puppet teams'.

From, Corwin trollleaf, Level 70 life wizard

Apr 24, 2010
Yes i understand your trying Professor but You guys said that puppet teams are over. Please try to be more clear next time in your updates cause all i got was you made a tiny fix which fixed nothing. Thanks to puppet teams i'm going to lose my privilege to use even the PRIVATE BADGE my score has gone so low. I was done with PvP for a while until you said you guys fixed Puppet teams. I got one of my level 80 friends (this is a shoutout to emma myth :P) and went PvPing we were fine till we ended up with the cursed puppet teams. HER SCORE WAS LOWER THEN MINE! Mine is almost hitting 400 but hers is practically there already. All because of the cursed puppet teams. I cant imagine how many people have lost their ranks to PUPPET TEAMS. I've been yelled at to let them win cause i was giving a actual fight. Try fighting a Fire with the latest spells with a balance with every blade helping fire. For you professor it going to be worse because your ice, But me being life i got hit and died almost as soon as we started. Thanks for trying and everything but really be clear when you say you 'stoped puppet teams'

From, Corwin trollleaf, Level 70 life wizard 'a frustrated wizard dealing with the evil of pvp'

Dec 11, 2011
Don't like puppet teams? Don't PvP. It will always be PvPer's key to winning if they can't do it other wise. People will find a way around it even after KI does make the update.

Jan 26, 2009
I was just on my lvl 33 ice pvping with my lvl 42 ice friend and we got paired up with a lvl 74 life and her puppet. Its just no fun to 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 anymore. Puppeting has ruined pvping with friends....

Mar 18, 2009
mommala wrote:
Yes i understand your trying Professor but You guys said that puppet teams are over. Please try to be more clear next time in your updates cause all i got was you made a tiny fix which fixed nothing.

KI never stated that.

In the test realm notes, KI indicated they implemented a patch to address puppet teams, but never stated they fixed the problem.

The exact quote:

"Player vs Player team match formulas will now rely more heavily on the level of the Wizards. This should greatly reduce uneven team matching and prevent "puppet teams". "

To recap...

1.) The "fix" on the test realm didn't work out as planned.

2.) The test realm is the test realm...to try to address problems with fixes. It doesn't guarentee anything.

2.) Nothing in this regard was pushed to the live game.

mommala we're open to hearing what you have to say and having a discussion about it, but we have a policy of not responding to people who take a malicious approach to conversation.

If you'd like to try again with a kinder approach, we would be happy to have a conversation with you on these message boards.

Jan 05, 2010
The poster is one of many people frustrated with this matching system exploit. The majority of people here and on other fansites have used patience while waiting for a solution to this problem.

Professor Greyrose, you and your programmers have to understand that low/mid level 2vs2 pvp is unplayable under the system the way it is now. People are getting angry and rightfully so when paying for a game that encourages high level (80)wizards to make a level 1 on another account and rank the level 1 character down to 0 rank for the soul purpose of pairing with two level 20 wizards.

It's the same as having a university english major square off in a spelling bee against two grade 5's...

The last time I played a low level 2vs2 , my high rank lvl 15 fire teamed up with a level 18 life. We fought an archmage fire and a puppet who just bladed up a rain of fire and burned us up like ants under a magnifying glass, it was terrible.

I hope somewhere in an office you guys actually talk about this kind of stuff and somebody in there cares enough to want to fix this issue.