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The Needing of Improvement in PvP

Jun 30, 2009
I am writing this to share my opinion with others. I understand that, in the past month or so, people have been complaining none stop about various elements in PvP that make the system unfair and grueling. I do not intend to complain, or whine, or rant. I wish to share my ideas.

As you all now, various things such as Wild Bolt and Judgement have become very unfair in Player versus Player. Everyone is aware of this, and cannot take it any longer. Even I find myself caught in a knot with Balance and Storm wizards using their overpowered spells round after round. Not only do we find ourselves caught in trouble while dealing with these spells, but we find ourselves upset when we lose a certain amount of points if we lose. Now, I fully understand that PvP is 100% optional, however, I enjoy playing it... well, I would enjoy using it. After you become a grandmaster, you really have nothing better to do. I feel like PvP is a way to show off your hard work to others and compete with players in a friendly manner.

However, i found myself wrong.

First off, losing points after battle seems fair, but not exactly. If you have just started PvP, and have 500 points, and lose your first match, you are losing points you didn't even gain. You weren't even able to gain those points before they faded away, and i find that hard to come by. I wish for a time where you lost little to none points after losing a PvP match.

Also, the overpowered spells, although people dislike them, cannot be removed. They were created for a good reason! Why would they remove the spell if they put it there for a reason? (i have a thread based on why they created Wild Bolt).

I understand that PvP isn't optional, but, its still something i am interested in doing and it doesnt seem fair to me. Please, share your thoughts with me and tell me what you think. And once again, i am not whining, and if you are going to post a comment stating that i whining please, keep it to yourself. Thank you!

Aug 21, 2009
I've played and had a streak of going last around 15 matches in a row, often against chain stunners and teams with multiple storm lords and frost giants. Try winning much or any of those. Three of those matches my side was even short a player as a player didn't make it to the table in time.

PvP is very unbalanced in terms of play, and I don't really see it being that playable or fun given such play imbalances. My game friends largely don't like PvP and tend to not play it or care about it at all. To me, this just says the PvP system is broken and retaining players as players are well aware of how horribly unbalanced the current programming is concerning it.

I don't see computer opponents using chain stunning in the game, the reason is that chain stunning was never intended for in game play, yet when it comes to PvP play its like a given that everyone gets to do that.

I'm currently playing a life character, my life spells fail in game play somewhere over half the time (I rarely get satyr to sucessfully cast two times in a row) and my casting percentage is 90%, in contrast my storm character with non-plussed up wild bolt is able to successfully cast it a good half the time or so (even when my casting percentage was around 20% with it, you could bet that in three turns time it would cast successfully at least once). As life I keep seeing my 90% casting chance spells fizzle time after time, while seeing wild bolts from my non plussed up storm friends work most of the time. I can see why people complain about wild bolt in the arena.

I can also see why people complain about judgement being not fair. That people can chain stun with earthquakes, that the team that goes first wins 80% of the time, and so on just makes pvp unplayable, and only a small amount of players play pvp cause of it (which makes finding matches fast often difficult to do), and then friend's tables (often with a player playing more than one character on their side) are paired against non-friends who can't even choose to sit where they want.

Jan 23, 2009
Pvp is alright, its honestly the only reason i play this game. Only thing i can't stand is chain stunning and dispels. They are trying to fix it, even if the ideas are sub par and don't fix the problem. Oh, and if you make a friends ranked pvp, you dont get to choose where you stand on the table. Sometimes it is exactly the set up, but most of the time it will put us in random order.

Jan 27, 2009
Remember that wild bolt has 10% accuracy so it hits 1 out of 10 times. Also remember that most storm people can use triton on the second round of a battle. NO SPELLS WILL BE REMOVED JUST FOR PVP, IT"S OPTIONAL!!

Jun 30, 2009
yeah, those schools need those spells because without them they are nothing. Every school has a spell that everyone will hate.

For me, it goes like this:

Storm: wild bolt
Myth: earthquake (its so annoying)
Balance: judgement
Fire: immolate
Ice: tower shield
Death: beguile
Life: EVERY HEALING SPELL (mostly rebirth)