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The matching system

Apr 19, 2009
Ok so I'm sure this topic has already been discussed but I'd really like to know whats going on with the match system.
im a mgus wizard and i enter a pvp match (rank private) i get matched up with a grandmaster wizard (still keeping my cool) i end up losing the match and i lose 25 points (our ranks were about the same).
i join another match get matched up with the same grandmaster this time around i actually win and i end up getting 7 points now after pvping for a while i've noticed that everytime i lose i lose about 23 points and whnever i win i get 4-10 points and now i dont mean to complain but it seems kinda unfair the way the matching and ranking system is going if somebody could explain why this is going on it would be appreciated


Jul 18, 2009
Yes this was a recent "improvement".

Other "improvements" noted were longer times for match ups even though when tested that there were equal level and equal rank people in queue the system would routinely match up others.

I suppose in the designer's eyes the value of you beating someone of higher level doesn't mean much. It is more weighed on rank for some reason.

This change in my view is pretty much a statement saying if you want to pvp then level up to max level.

Jun 11, 2009
yes i noticed this as well. my new sorcerer (lvl 28 ) is currently a captain in pvp. and he isnt going anywhere higher anytime soon. thats not becuase im bad in arena, i get about 11 consecutive wins usually, reason: everytime i win i get about 4 points, if im lucky. sometimes i get zero points, after deafeting even grandmasters. I: im guessing that highway1999 is right, low levels are now discouraged to pvp. this doesnt seem quite right, but thats just my opinion. keep pvping anyways. (for tickets :P)

May 25, 2009
I know its just ridicolous you do all that work for nothing. kings isle just ruins pvp by this but hey what do you expect from them they always ruin things