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The match system

Jan 24, 2009
First off, I'd like to sat thank you for all that you have done for arena so far in the recent update to fix chaining. Now I have a short rant, and would appreciate if anyone or an admin could answer what it's about.

Well recently since a new update in the game, the match system has been very messed up lately. On my (and others) lower level wizards have been experiencing that we get either Grandmasters or Masters. ,I know what some people are going to say, "Well you should have a strategy if you have a lot of rank on that low of a level" keep in mind that they have 1,000-2,000 more health, WAY higher amount of cards that they can carry, and they have WAY higher attack cards than we do, many of us are also cursed to go second a lot when we get paired with them. Now all I want to know is if this is a bug in the system, or is the system just like this all of the sudden, and if you have any intention of fixing it.

A lot of threads on central have been complaining about this issue as well, and if an admin could take some time to look at what the have been complaining about on central, since many of them have ideas on how to fix it, especially Sandy's idea of how it to be fixed.

The Ranking system should also count the level difference of the 2 opponents when deciding how much Rank is given/taken away...

Now if a worker of KI could please take a look at the match ups in arena, I'm positive that many people will appreciate it, and would help fix the arena.