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The Best PvP School

Dec 16, 2009
feintfor death and death trap. The use skeletal pirate. After all thats done unless the opponent has a death shield or something it will do to two thousand to four thousand.

Dec 21, 2008
I can tell you what schools are best in 1v1.
I think it is myth and balance.

Jun 30, 2009
I think myth is the best pvp school because you can out number
your opponites by calling minions.

Mar 08, 2009
those are good guys but to me i think storm fire and life is best because storm can kill ya with one hit (unless stormshield) fire has the opportunity of weakening there opponents which makes them good enough to deliver the final blow and life( if ur lucky enough) can kill ya in too hits or three depending on ur health and plus we heal alot lol sorry guys but we have no choice but to heal

Aug 21, 2009
When looking at PvP stats on random players I see in the game, the average balance PvP person I see tends to win somewhere around a 2:1 ratio, while storm tends to be around a 1:1 ratio. I haven't really paid attention to the other schools, though I think myth has a good PvP ratio as well (largely due to chain stunning, and/or dropping blades and shields while playing with two life school players).