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The 1 thing KI needs to fix and fix quickly

Aug 28, 2010
EvilDroid wrote:
Lion359 wrote:
To: Hunter Wildhorn,

Heian is not just complaining like so many do, without facts. In this case, it is a fact that if you go first, the odds are in your favor. As you basically have stated, this may not be the case, in the lower or mid levels of PvP. It is however a fact as you get into the Higher levels, no question about it.

In the Lower Levels, I can go second and Win more than 60% of the time. I quickly found, that as I moved up, the percentage dropped to less than 25% of the time.

You may not see this right away, being a Fire Wizard, as they are an excellent Wizard to use to PvP. I have seen more than a few Fire Wizards win against Ice, and other Wizards.

There are other options, that may make PvP even harder to win at (believe it or not). As it is, complaining about the "Going First Advantage" is a legitimate complaint, and not one that needs to be dispelled.

Joseph LionHunter.

give me a break! It is not a legitimate complaint. Someone has to go first. and for all of you complaining about the issue there are many out there who realize that in probablity the coin can land heads up time after time after time and then finally land tails up after a long stretch with heads up, that is how probability works. The point is that probability states that heads and tails has a 50:50 chance, just like going first does. It does not mean that you will go first and then go second and then go first again the next time, that is not how it works. Most likely those who have issue are only remembering the times that they went second and forgeting about all of the times they went first.

Ok, why does someone have to go first, I see no reason why it has to be this way in PvP.
In PvE, it really doesn't matter, as PvE is not really a challenge, but is more just for fun.
PvP actually affects your Rank and how fast you can buy equipment, etc. So I think it would be better to not have someone with the Option of going first.

I think there are many options to change this, but I expect it will take a lot of time to alter the PvP section. If you have read many of the suggestions, some are great Idea's, and would work very well.

I happen to like the idea of both going at the same time, and the damage is accumulated and shown at the same time. There may be more ties this way, but that would be acceptable to the majority I think.
So I still think that it's a valid complaint, and something that should be looked at, and what options there are for change or improvement.

Joseph LionHunter.

Feb 28, 2010
The going first advantage was not as bad prior to critical damage being brought into the game. If you go first, you have a far better chance at wiping out your opponent with a critical hit within a couple of rounds.

Personally, I'd like to see criticals taken out of PVP entirely... If someone wants to win, they should have to work for it, not have it handed to them based on a computer generated chance of going critical or resisting critical.

Also, even though I've used them... also think that enchantments such as Strong thru Gargantuan should be removed from PVP as well. No enchanted cards with these on them should be allowed.

PVP should be entirely about strategy to defeat your opponent. This includes knowing your spells, how to setup your opponent, knowing when to shield and when to attack! It's a much more rewarding experience knowing that you won because you earned it, as opposed to just being lucky!

Dec 06, 2009
Temperest wrote:
Heian wrote:
I have come upon an interesting phenomenon within the world of Wizard101, I am sure we have all come upon it at some point and we shrug it off as a accepted part of the game. But I refuse, to accept this angering and disheartening flaw of this otherwise superb game. This flaw I speak of is of course, the 1st turn advantage. I am sure that anyone who PvP's at least a little have been introduced to this flaw. The fact that going 1st gives multiple agvantages, such as the ability to dispel large spell and chain attacks without giving an opponent time to heal, seriously disrupts what is otherwise an enjoyable experience. I could understand these advantages if going second was not seen only in a negative light. Don't believe me? Try to think of one, just one, advantage to going second. Give Up? The simple fact is that there aren't any advantages. I will leave this alone and adress another issue, what has KI done to fix this? Nothing, absolutely nothing!! How is it, that adding new "card packs" or bettering the sound quality is more important than fixing a serious problem with this game? It really is disheartening... Now don't get me wrong, KI has done an incredible job with this game and I enjoy this game more than anyother i have played, but why must we be tormented by this obvious flaw? Please KI, we beg you, at least TRY and fix this, just a try... Thank you :D

Otherwise, you do an excellent job

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There is no fix for this. Someone will always have to go first. There are not many games that are turn based where there is someone who isnt going first. While they can't "fix" the combat system they can change the process of who is selected of going first. I have state it many times and even sent them an example I'm hoping they will give it a try. The suggestion is this:

1. The go to arena screen comes up for you to accept or decline.

2. From there there is a split screen with both wizard names and a "spin" is occuring with numbers 1-100 are cycling very fast.

3. Each person has 10 seconds to click the mouse or the computer clicks for them. Clicking stops the cycling on a number.

4. The person with the highest number goes first. If there is a tie it happens again.

The method is like flipping a coin instead of the computer doing this for us. Who goes first is very important due to the fact the person going first will win 75%-80% of the time. So let us have a more vested part of determining who is going first. Something like this would be very easy to incorporate.

That wouldn't be too swell of an idea because what if your computer is slow in uploading the PvP queue pop-up? You'd would kind of be in a bad situation. I created a spell that will hopefully try to resolve this ongoing conflict.

Jan 18, 2010
ok i admitt pvp is great fun however can be so , well um fustrating lol. I can see the point of Heian. But yes someone needs to go first. Most wizards that are a high level can do well going second but I do agree that the dispell is a HUGE problem for the wizards that go second. You spend so much time saving your pips just to have them all go away because you were dispelled without even a chance to get it off of you. Might as well just say game over at that point. Honestly I would rather be stunned for a turn than to lose ALL my pips. What if the dispell cancels your turn and then stunns you for another round. This allowing the benefit of dispelling the spell but letting the other player keep his/her pips? Not to bad just something of an idea to help. Or what if the team that goes first starts out with one less pip... idk just ideas here.

Jan 05, 2010
You know that feeling when you land a shield from second at just the right time? Sure it's a preemptive situation going second but anticipating your opponents next move is the key! I don't see the game as being less fun when I go second, just more of a challenge. Owning from second also comes with exclusive bragging rights :) remember it's only a game. *drops two cents and dips out*

Jun 26, 2009
I personally don't have a problem with the current turn system. This is how it's been since PvP started in Wizard101. I have been able to rank up going second pretty well. What I have noticed is that I usually go first for a very long stretch of matches. The same is true when I go second. I don't do 3v3 or 4v4 much so I don't get the stun/earthquake much. I just like relying on myself in a match. I do play 2v2 a bit, but even then going second has not been a major hinderance. That's probabaly due to my awesome partner ( Go Kiley! ). As with every other aspect in PvP I had to learn to adapt to the enviornment.

Despite my success, I admit that there is an advantage to the player going first. I know this has been a major gripe amongst many in the community (probably right under wild bolt). Perhaps some sort of die roll to determine who goes first in the next round would be more balanced. KI could even introduce a new statistic to gear to modify the "initiative roll" and that could be another new strategy. Try to go first as often as possible.
Those of you who have a problem with the system may not realize KI might be happy just the way it is. So what I would suggest is you learn to adapt, you might surprise yourself.