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Team PvP

Dec 27, 2013
Hey guys! So, I am now a level 44 in Wizard101, and about one bar away from 45. I am currently looking for a good team for 4v4- here's what I need.
1. A buffer- preferably balance. Someone who can trap and blade. Storm also works well for this.
2. A healer. Life or not, have up to the satyr spell. I have that spell, so we cam both heal. An ice healer would be good- high health and all.
3. An attacker. Preferably storm or fire, you're going to have to put out some legitimate, serious attacks.
SO. That's what I'm looking for. Other things you need:
A chat box/group. Preferably google chat, it's easy. This way we can communicate.
Also, I have a castle with a PvP arena, so we can battle eachother to learn strategies & eachother's battle style.

Please tell me the following
1. Wizard name
2. school
3. role in team (buffer, healer, ect.)
4. One thing in battle that you have exceptional talent in. Trickery, deceit, teamwork.. that kind of thing.
5. One thing you are not good at. Use the examples above.
I will try to choose a compatible team. Thanks.
-Destiny GriffinBreeze, master diviner

Jul 17, 2013
Blaze Dragon Rider
48 Fire
An Attacker I have 43% damage with my PvP gear on.
I'm good at teamwork. sorry for the italics I just presses something random.
I'm bad at trickery.

I have fire dragon,satyr ,and tower shield learned too.