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Tcs not showing up

May 16, 2020
Hello, I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing TCS not showing up during fights. I can distinguish tcs but for some reasons satyr, triage, and some attacking tcs aren't showing up whenever I am in PVP. My wizard is level 10.

Sep 14, 2019
Hey there

They might be level banded for that wizard because you aren't close to that rank of spells.

If you want to know what lvl tc bans for lvl 10 go to the bazaar It will show you what spells you can attack with.

Some heals will say no PVP on them.

My wizard Name is Tasha.

I think kingsisle thought 7 pips for a lvl 10 was to much damage some lvl 10 wizards use Triton and that a 6 piips spell and kingsisle maybe thought it was to OP for a lvl 10.

so they locked some spells.