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Supreme Warlord

Feb 09, 2014
Most everyone knows that Roland Silverheart stands outside the arena and he has things you can buy with only arena tickets, (I believe everything is only arena tickets, I could be wrong), he has the badge "Supreme Warlord", ever since I started playing, I always wondered, will we ever get supreme warlord badge? I think it would be a fantastic idea, give us something more to fight for. Let me know what you guys think!!
Blake DeathCaller 97
Jacob StormCloud 77

Dec 20, 2008
Supreme Warlord or as many other players call it "Overlord" would be totally cool. Honestly I think its actually kind of weird to stop at 900, why not go to 1000 :P. Not to mention that according to the leaderboards there are 1000 players with a rank of 1781! I'd imagine that countless more have a rank above 1000 :P