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Suggestions on Ranked PVP for Life

May 24, 2009
Hello :) I'm a level 90 Life wizard and I'm going to admit that I suck at pvp, especially ranked. During practice and duels at my friends' castles I can almost beat anybody whether it's 1v1 or 4v4, but ranked just doesn't work for me. So, I'm asking for some suggestions.

1. If any Life pvper who is ranked higher can recommend how to set up a pvp deck, I'd love it. I've tried looking online for deck setups and playing around with it myself but nothing seems to work well. I always get the wrong cards.
(I somehow end up the person at the front, or as we like to call it the tank, in pvp battles and I am usually the first to die. Which is lovely haha.)

2. I have gear that I am satisfied with for questing. I have level 56 crafted gear from Wintertusk that hasn't let me down, but I feel it doesn't help me as much in the arena. Good gear suggestions are also appreciated. I'm probably not going to go into the Waterworks just to try to get the gear it drops and I don't have a pet that casts Spritely.

3. What are good teams for 4v4 that I could pair up with. I've tried with all schools, but since they're random we don't work very well together and some do not have open chat in pvp. Most of my pvp friends are ranked highly and wouldn't want me bringing them down, so I basically have no one to pvp with. Any suggestions on forming a team?

-Brianna SpiritBreeze, Promethean Life