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Suggestions for PvP

Nov 26, 2011
I have a few ideas that MIGHT make PvP better. I think the resist for one thing really needs to have a cap, maybe at 45%. Then healing boosts should have a cap to 35% incoming, 35% outgoing so you can't turtle as well. Guardian spirit should have a limit for 2 times use but ONLY in PvP. Then, in team PvP, there needs to be a level difference cap of 15 levels. I think that's fair enough. Not the best ideas ever I know, but tell me what you think. -Jasmine FireBlade, level 86 pyromancer.

Dec 14, 2009
You are correct. The only problem with adjusting single aspects of the game at a time, would be that it throws of other aspects of the game by doing so. I do agree that resist should be capped however. Immunity to any school should not be available,unless all schools have the ability to don certain gear/item combinations to make themselves immune to any school of their choice. I don't that is possible with the current gear/item configurations, but I could be wrong.

Apr 11, 2012
Agreed, moonlighterz1000... that would tone down the Message Board complaints.
(I'm sure it would make wizards feel allot better too."

Jul 19, 2010
My suggestion is since I always get put up against warlords and commanders, that it is unfair. I've only won five and only one of them, I was against a bunch of privates. I'm a level 40 wizard and I waste my treasure cards on stupid warlords I think the resistance for the warlord clothes should be lower. I wish KI would do something about that. Also, they always seem to go first so that you don't even get a chance to heal. My rating is pathetic and I would like it to go up. Could anyone give me suggestions

Mar 07, 2011
I basically agree with everything the original poster said. I might be willing to let universal resist be as high as 75-80%, but when your Colossal Fire Elf does a whopping 16 points of total damage, something is wrong. Requiring a pierce aura and/or Extraordinary to do any damage at all is wrong, and points out a broken PvP.

I would also add my own "fantasy" rule that if you don't attack at least once every 50 turns, you start taking damage automatically until you do attack. And wands don't count as attacks. One of the main reasons I have retired again from PvP is this new philosophy players have of spending one to two hours building up for the one hit kill, all the while healing and shielding and tanking. Often times they have Jade Gear and 100% heal boost. It makes for a very boring, unfun game.

My other "fantasy" rule would be to eliminate critical, or at least tone it down. Adding luck elements to a game that is suppose to be skill based lessens the integrity of PvP.

Finally, I would bring Reshuffle back to the spell it ought to be for the training point I spent on it. There is no other spell in the game where you have to spend a training point to get a treasure card.

Mar 07, 2011
P.S. Guardian Spirit is a major, I stress major problem in 1v1 PvP right now. I killed a life wizard 4 times recently before she was finally able to launch her one hit kill. If Reshuffle has been made into a treasure card in order to shorten the length of games, then certainly Guardian Spirit should be turned into a one time use card, if the Devs want to be consistent.

In fact, shouldn't every school have at least one spell relegated to treasure card status, to be fair to all schools?