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stun teams are getting rewarded for chainstunning!

May 12, 2009
more and more people becomes chainstunners in ranked pvp, because they get so many tickets for it.

my team does NOT chainstun and we got under 10 rating for a winning match, while a chainstun team who wins over us gets almost 30 rating. and today i got 0 rating for 2 ranked matches, but a stunteam who just beat us got 25 rating?

why do chainstunners get so much rating? they are getting rewarded for taking the fun out of doing pvp :(

i liked to do ranked pvp, but now there are so many stun team, that you almost all the time cant get a match without facing a team that chainstuns.

there should be done something about chain stun, so people who does dont get more rating than if they not chained.

so kings isle, please make ranked pvp fun again and not award people for doing the game unfair by chainstun :)

Jun 23, 2009
chain stunning is now a thing of the past. if you stun a person, a shield goes around them which blocks the next stun they cast.

however stun duos are a problem. one of them stuns, the other one gets rid of the stun block. they need to do something about it. stun block isn't enough for those.

May 28, 2009
First of all, no, chain stunning is NOT a thing of the past. The stun block shield only causes chain stunners to have to work a little harder. Of course I am speaking solely of 3-4 person team pvp (for instance two storm and an ice with any other wizard or without another wizard). Instead of firing once every round they fire twice in the same round effectively eliminating the stun shield they just put on you. BTW this also works to completely nullify the use of a stun shield on any or all people on your team because the first time it breaks the shield and the second time it stuns them anyway. AND Earthquake will eliminate stun shield anyway, so heaven forbid they have a myth with them. The only difference now is that they have to fire those spells in succession instead of one per round. But keep in mind that it works out better for them anyway because the first Storm Lord will take out your storm shields and the second will likely kill you. Remember that if you have a full board of pips and at least six of them are powers (which is very likely) you can (if you get a power pip the next round) fire two 7 pip spells in a row. So It only takes two storm wizards to throw 4 Storm Lords at you and wipe you out in two round. And you would not have been able to do a single thing about it.

Mar 07, 2009
Team PvP has may problems. The stun shield help slow down chain stunning but it not the major problem. As long as one whole team get to go first the second team will never have a chance(unless first team is just bad players). Needs to be a team 1 1st wizard cast, team 2 1st wizard cast, team 1 2nd wizard cast, etc etc....

KI stun fix was great. I have seen chain stunning come to an almost a complete stop. GOOD JOB KI!!!

Yes, they can still do chain stunning but it takes alot more work and it does not benfit them as must anymore.