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Stuck in a 1v1 pvp match

Jul 04, 2010
I am in the middle of a 1v1 pvp match right now, however both of us have run out of damage cards. I have one card left (pixie), and I'm fairly certain my opponent has just a shield or something similar in his hand. Both of us know running out of cards results in a loss, so we're both stuck at one card and passing every single round. I think there should be a card counter, so if both parties pass 15 or so rounds in a row, the match should end in a draw.
Input? Ideas?

May 12, 2009
well i mean i've always thought that it could work like that to but theres really no advantage to a draw vs one of the players fleeing or using there last card, in a draw both players lose rank and it counts as a loss for both people, in my opinion a draw should just not negate or raise your rank and shouldnt be counted as a win or loss on your record but sadly i have no control over that. So just wanted to bring to your attention that a draw benefits no one, most people dont know this because a draw almost never happens and is only possible i believe with a minion in play.