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Strategies for Life?

Jan 28, 2014
Hello everyone!
I am a level 85 wizard and I am planning to do PvP on it. However...
I'm really bad in PvP and it would be awesome if you would give me some tips on how to be better, like...

-Deck setup
-Gear setup
-Pets to use

Thank you all and cheers!

Apr 08, 2011
I'm a level 51 wizard, and what all my in-game friends and I like to do is choose one main attack spell for our deck. For example, mine's centaur. So I keep my life blades/traps, spirit blades/traps, centaurs, and a few healing spells in my deck when I play pvp. My secondary school is balance, so sometimes I'll use a hydra or two but I mainly focus on one spell and how high I can get the damage. And as for getting better at PvP, well it just takes practice. I also like to focus my gear on power rather than resistance. I have 5% resistance in everything and 30-something-percent damage for life. But that's just me. Good luck!