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strangest dual ever

Aug 18, 2009
The match had been made quickly so i expected to face someone near my on level, so i was more than a little surprised when i saw Andrew (my opponent) had a little over 1000 health. I am Boris Drake, level 5, myth student.

But i am not one to just give up when faced with an overwhelming opponent. If i were i would never have reached the rank of captain i now hold. He may win, but this private was still going to have to fight me for it.

So as eldritch energies swirled in the air between us we began to talk.

Andrew is a descent sort and this is just his second dual.

As the fight went on, i realized something odd in his strategy. He had a stock pile of pips in front of him, but was not attacking.

I began looking for the massive treasure card that would signal my defeat.

But it never came.

Andrew was using a burn out strategy. His deck was just keeping him alive waiting for me to run out of cards. Fortunately i realized this in time and held onto my last two cards, which could not have killed him anyway.

And the dual changed from a competition to see who could defeat the other to an endurance contest to see who could waste more time sitting there passing.

Andrew had a good strategy for this as well. His opening move was "lets talk", and i fell into his trap.

We began talking about his school and my time in the Air Force. It went on for what seemed like an hour. Actually it was about an hour.

I finally realized that by talking with him i was keeping him from getting bored.

So i told him i was going to watch some TV while i pressed the space bar to pass.

It worked, he quickly became bored and cast his last spell. The fight was over. I had won. But for me it felt like a hollow victory.

As soon as the fight was over i apologized for ignoring him, i really did not feel good about using that kind of strategy. In the end we went our separate ways as friends.

So the point of all this is
There was no need for this dual to go on as long as it did.
Neither one of us could 'beat' the other, and i was not willing to sacrifice my rank so i was NOT going to use my last card or flee.

A draw should be a possible outcome of a fight.
After say ten rounds in which no spells are cast a stalemate is determined automatically.
A new button that allows you to offer your opponent a draw. if he accepts then the match is over and no one get anything. No change in rank, no ticket.

Jun 09, 2009
It Happened to me as well. We were both out of attack spells and reshuffles, back then I used treasure card reshuffles. I don't anymore I always carry 2 reshuffles in my deck to make sure I never run out of cards. But after 15 minutes of passing, I realize it was futile and I left the whole 30 seconds go by and went to watch TV. It was now a contest of who's internet connection was going fail first... I ended up winning the match, not sure if my opponent fled out of boredom or not or if his connection failed. A draw button would be a good idea but both side would have to press it and some stuborn players like myself may just not...


Mar 15, 2009
I had a rely strange duel too. I was facing a death lvl 26 and I saw his stats before we played and he had a starter deck. That is nothing at the weird point because a starter deck only lets you hold 4 treasures. Well each time I came close to killing him he used a dryad. and the part that is just BIZARRE is that i almost killed him like 17 times with dryad then i guess he ran out and used a satyr and gave up

May 24, 2009
well..thats just idk ive never heard of anyone doing that before, i always use my last card to try to kill him but i always have a minion on my side too. :) but what is strange to me is when i get killed but then my minion will kill my opponet right after and we both lose ranking. thats happend to me 2 times one time it was a 1 hour match, then we both ended up losing. what a waste. maybe something could be diffrent there. idk

Feb 01, 2009
That sometimes happens... its usually the lower level players who understand the rules of arena, but don't use treasure cards for attack. When this happens, I stockpile pips, get all my blades/traps out, then use combo attacks. If they use dryad after your first strong attack, they are out of pips! Its much easier killing stallers like this. And you don't even have to use a single treasure card unless you're still in wizard city levels... Krokotopia levels have stronger attack cards. If you just level up a little more, you wont have to stuggle against these annoying people.

Signing out,
Paul Fireward Grandmaster Pyromancer
Paul Mythward Magus Conjurer
" Deathward Magus Necromancer
" Stormward Magus Diviner

The rest are still noobs and I wont say levels

Apr 13, 2009
all i can say is.. wow. that has never happened to me before. NEVER. i tried to use that stratigy but i was tempted to use my last wraith (came from malistare robe) and he had 1 HEALTH LEFT. i was so mad after that i decided to retire my death from pvp till i found a new stratigy (i still do practice matches with my friends)

then on my storm it happened to me again, but it was my last wand attack instead of a triton or storm lord. but i didnt retire my storm from pvp cause storm is like awesome at pvp and i had a 20 win streak till i lost that match.

so i shall post this tip:
TIP: always have a reshuffle saved if your low on cards.....