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Storm school in 1v1

Aug 19, 2011
In 1v1 storm is an easy win, but when it comes to Wild and Insane bolt NO! If storm goes first in the match they usually wild bolt and 8 times out of 10 critical. First that 2000 damage if it the 1000 hit then you they're storm boost. If you dont block that half if all your life. Then once they do that its bolt the rest of the way. Being 2nd you can't shield much so if they keep hitting for the 1000+ damage your dead. I think storm should have a limit to both bolt cards cause Insane cant be blocked unless a tower is present AND on top of that they usually dont backfire. That's a bigger problem. To me Storm should have a limit to both bolt cards cause thats just plain unfair. Or if anything dont let them 1v1.

Jul 28, 2010
*Sigh* I am not trying to be mean but what you are doing is just wanting to nerf spells. Learn to deal with storm. I am a death commander and I have faced storm warlords. They aren't fun to beat but its not that hard.

Most storms I have faced don't use insane bolt that often because they take the risk of instant death. Plus they don't get boosts on it since it is moon damage. Insane bolt on the other hand is again purely luck spell. A storm can use it 8 times since that is max copies in a deck. What you need to do is counter them immediatly. I recommend putting up infallible then using an attack. For me I do infallible blade and attack with either a skeletal dragon or double poison. (Note all my attacks are enchanted) At this point the storm is at least half way dead probably more.

Healing will not help you since storms can do the damage you heal with less pips. Making the match fast is what storms want and taking away those two spells won't help them. Plus you should get a higher block if you are complaining about criticals. I recommend the avalon crafted ring and maybe you should look for a wand with high block.

Jul 08, 2011
Easy solution, get better blocking, maybe craft super blocking boots from avalon, and or get wyrd oak staff. Training for tower shield helps too, or using the treaasure cards if you can.

Jun 13, 2010
Really, "don't let them 1v1"? Storm can do 2k damage, but that's also as much heath a lvl 80 storm has. If a storm goes 2nd they are pretty much dead. Wild bolt and insane bolt is all luck. "In 1v1 storm is an easy win", you said it yourself, that they are easy to beat and now you just want to make it easier for yourself. :xevil:

Jun 23, 2011
same here everytime i meet a storm the wild bolt to death. i guess you just have to deal with it. i'm a death captian and that's the only time i lose is against storm and balance.

Apr 12, 2011
The max storm critical I've seen might be o 260 now I have 230 storm block so well that does not worry me too much I have a few strategies for storm from first and second it really is quite easy and well bolt is not going to hit 1k all the time

Dec 12, 2010
Apr 10, 2010
So you're complaining about a minority chance? Bolt only hits about 1 or 2 times out of 10, and then they need to crit maybe a 1 out of 2 or 3. And then it falls on you stats to block it so why not just get better block if this insignificant thing bothers you so much? And if this super luck bolt just happens to break your block then it is only half your health like you said and you can just heal off. Beleive me Storm is the last school that would get nerfed at this point in time with all of the 100% resists floating around.