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Storm School Identity

Oct 30, 2020
As am going through some of the spells storm has been offered including the roshambo spells, I notice nearly if not almost of all of the spell doesn't fit storm school identity. I understand the idea of storm having able to counter certain Rosh ambo dot but those are very very very rare circumstances. Compare to other easier accessible roshambo requirements like shield and blade stacks storm gets the short end of the stick. Storm is being pushed on sacrificing damage to gain resist and hp while tankier schools are able to accumulate damage while maintaining health pierce and more resist gains.

Storm is not fitting the glass cannon pressure school as they used to be, if they ever had been for that long since pre darkmoor. The hit and buff spells aren't providing that much pressure either. Storm needs a spell(s) that could rack up serious damage overtime that could keep the opponent on their toes and seriously wrecked them if they are caught lacking. We don't see this with storm atm. Not even with the nullity gears. The most hate spell wild bolt is being called out for being too rng so why not making it a guarantee 1000 base split damage double hit spell? to deal with pesky shields and maintain pressure? This could be a major buff for storm and force to be reckoned with.

Please stop giving storm weakness and healing spells it does not fit the storm school identity.

Oct 30, 2020
The recent buffs to storm utility is absolutely astonishing, giving the fact now that even glass cannon storms have a chance at pvp. Props to the dev's for going ham on this once no doubt about it.