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Storm Needs the Old Wild Bolt Back

Apr 01, 2010
Storm needs wild bolt the reason because our health is so low we dont have time to boost up for a nice big attack with our other spells like the other schools can do. If we lose bolt cant we at least get some more health added? I suck in cl because by the time I can actually kill I'm dead because my health sucks

Jul 05, 2010
I think Wild bolt should be back the way it was but, with the cost of 5 pips

Aug 04, 2009
I have to say i completely disagree with you in every way shape and form. Bolt needed to be changed with the legendary gear storms gets tons of accuracy and damage do you understand this, with the unstoppable sun spell you can basically do 1620 any round as long as you get a power pip thats insane. I am ice and health and resist for one what does it matter if you can kill us with like one or 2 leviathan when it would take an ice much more to kill you.

To be honest storms that complain i just cant even imagine it you guys get an advantage over every school there is the celestia updated fixed like half the problems storm is supposed to have and to make it fair they nerfed wild bolt. Storm still has an amazing and unfair advantage over every school basically so i feel really offended when you complain that they tried to change one thing that would stop you from being unstoppable. Consider this my spell has a taunt added to it thats how much of a joke ice is.

Apr 05, 2010
Thorvon65 really? Ice a Joke?! Ice was a good and versatile school before Celestia, it just took time to learn and develop a strategy to win with it in the higher levels of the arena. NOW, Ice has a huge advantage with its gear having HUGE resists on top of giving you decent critical and block ratings. What more could you ask for? You have two dot spells now. I for one would be happy if storm could get a single native dot spell, instead of relying on expensive mutates. Take a good look at what Ice wizards are doing in the arena now. They are TANKS. Pretty soon I'm sure we'll be seeing enough posts asking Kingsisle to be doing something to address that situation. Let's see how you react to that?

Storm wizards have a right to be angry. A quintessential storm spell was taken from them, and in return they got a JOKE! Nobody likes the new Wild Bolt. Oh well, we'll see how long you can last against critical gargantuan lightning bats every turn :)

Feb 15, 2009
Disagreed, they took this out cause they seen their new accuracy boosts

Mar 07, 2009
only reason they changed it is because of the sun enchantment cards such as unstoppable +25 or the treasure version +30 plus 10% of bolt = 35 or 40 thats a very high accuracy for bolt.

Apr 28, 2009
I agree you cant blade the spell anymore its like spectral blast but 100034 times worse (not saying blast is bad just comparing it to it) its the only spell that has a large spread damage. and i only hit a 1000 hir 3 times out of 37 thrown that NOT 33% hit it more like 3%. it just makes me angry that the 2000 complainers out of 5 million happy players ruin the game for the 5 million.