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Storm LVL 92 PvP Guide

Dec 28, 2013

Hey Wizard101! I'm gonna show you a strategy for pvp I use on my storm.
Things you need to know: This strategy is all about pierce and damage. You will save up for one big attack because of all your pierce, you might be able to pierce through the shields and even possibly some resist.

Training Points: You don't have to use these spells, but I recommend them.

Ice to Volcanic, Tower and Stunblock 6 tp
Balance to Weakness, Elemental blade and reshuffle 5 tp
Death to Infection 1 tp
Sun to Colossal and 5 tp
Star to Infallible and Conviction 2 tp
Shadow to Shadow Shrike 1 tp

Royal Storm Crown of Azteca or Clangor from Olympus Brim
Blackthunder Armor
If you are more defensive with critical block, Walkers of the Hungry Dead or if you want critical and pierce, I highly suggest Blackthunder Walkers.
The famous Blade of the Felled Titan
Alpha and Omega Ring or Storm Owl's Terror Ring
Amulet: Armiger's Amulet of Aiming, or Children of the Medallion Sea
Wand: Hades Staff of Tempests'
Deck: Any azteca lvl 86 deck because of the health bonus, or i forget the name but it gives you some health and two storm damage. If you know the name please tell me and you should use that deck.
Deck Setup

Your main thing is damage. So I recommend Storm Owl or Levy since your just saving for one big attack. It depends on the situation. If your opponent has blades, use leviathan since it takes away two charms.
If they don't have any blade or just one, go ahead and Owl.

4 Storm Owl
4 Leviathan
3 Infection
3 Weakness
2 Conviction
3 Infallible
3 Shadow Shrike
2 Stunblock
3 Volcanic Shield
3 Thermic Shield
4 Tower
1 Reshuffle
3 Elemental blade
6 Colossal
2 Supercharge
3 Stormspear
6 Wild bolt
2 Insane bolt (The only reason I put this in the deck is because if your about to die, just use Insane and take the chance.
4 Healing Current
3 Enfeeble
Side Deck

3 Infallible
6 Tower
5 Black Mantle
3 Tempest (In case they put out a minion)
4 Enfeeble
If you can get one, Rain Beetle. If you can't, buy the Prehistoric Bundle for the storm pet.
Rain Beetle is good because when you get it to Mega, It gives you 4 Storm Beetle cards. I, myself, have a rain beetle. The Storm Beetle does 125 damage and you get a blade back. So if you don't have any bolts in hand to break the shield you can use that and you get a blade back.
The pet usually has to have Spritely and at least Defy, but Proof and Defy and Spritely AND Pixie is good.

Hope this guide helped! It got me to Captain and I am still pvping, hopefully i can get to Warlord.