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Storm Guide to PvP

Dec 14, 2010

As Storm Wizard’s we are weak in health but when we attack it’s just amazing how much we can deal in only one attack. For us from 7 to 14 pips our attacks deal 500 to 1000 damage, sometimes even more! That’s really good in PvP. This is one tip we have to learn the hard way: Never fights in PvP alone unless you have a winning streak, also ALWAYS try to have a life on your team! That’s really important because the lack of health for us Storm Wizards get. Also fighting ICE is a big problem. They are very hard, from high health to strong resistance. But you have 2 advantages…. Your attacks and shields!!! Since ICE has very weak spells you can beat them faster. Myth is another hard school. EarthQuake is one of EVERY schools weakness. This spell removes all shields no matter even if you have about 10, their ALL gone. I would really recommend having the wand of your school in this case a storm wand. Incase the shield against you, you can get it right off! But don’t think that that’s really all you need to beat a Myth Wizard, its not. Tip 1: Don’t listen to people when they call you a noob because you’re SPAMMING on shields! You need to. Storm has weak health, causing them to die easily. So spamming on shield really helps. Tip 2: ALWAYS have some healing spells, not just Pixie the spell that heals you by 400, also try to have Sprite for Infection. Also incase if you don’t find anyway healing spells after getting PWNED by a high attack you always rely on treasure cards. Tip 3: NEVER TALK IN PVP!!!! When you speak that gives out your stats, so your enemy can win easier! Fist of all when you speak they click your name and see your stats, school, clothes, spells and the most important RESISTANCE!!! So these are some tips that you MUST FOLLOW to be a WarLord. Another thing is NEVER dress like your school. This gives to much information about you. It tells your school and sometimes more! Some people dress up as other schools this is a smart thing, but NEVER dress up as life. You will get killed plus Wizards will put more infection because they think you’re the healer. When there’s a LIFE on the TEAM its Chaos!!! Everyone hits one person, the life. I said this once and I’ll say it again, NEVER DRESS UP A LIFE WIZARD!!! Also to be a good PvP WarLord you should ALWAYS have the right PvP Gear, such as the one that give damage, resistance, and accuracy. Next to that we have crown gear. This gives you almost the same as PvP gear. We are the Storm Wizards, so obviously everyone wants to be on our team because of our DAMAGE. But remember that’s not all that counts! We have REALLY LOW ACCURACY, so 70 out of 100 we will fizzle. That’s pretty tough being the strongest school, but having to go through EPIC FIZZLING every day, by an average us Storm Wizards fizzle about every day. It might only take you to level one to have your first fizzle, while other schools like Death, Balance or Life will take about level 5 to 7 for them to have their first fizzle. We all know that facing Life Wizards are VERY hard, especially in a 2v2 PvP. This is because if there are 2 Life Wizards, then if one dies one is left to heal and they will repeat this method until they are out of healing spells. One of the Reasons People Hate Life: They are HEALING NOOBS. When you normally see someone die on a Life’s Team, they heal them until they run out of healing spells. One tip is to kill they Life Wizard first because if they are dead they can’t heal. Also that leaves the other wizard left and unless they have Sprite, then they can’t heal the Life back. Which is great because that makes a better chance of you to win they match than them. Also if you want a Life Wizard to not heal as much, ALWAYS have Infection somewhere in you Deck that is a very good spell for NOOBISH behavior as HEALING EVERY 3 to 4 rounds or just to get Infection off. Ice Wizards are again one of our MAJOR PROBLEMS!!! First because of their boost in health and There shields against us. The Volcanic Shield and Tower Shield are one of their most used spells against us. At the first round they shield, but that is their mistake. We can easily use the Wand of our School otherwise known as the Storm Wand to get it off. But when they Tower Shield this frustrates many of us. If we have no more wand spells that means we have to discard cards to find a weak spell to get it off, this also causes us to use more of our pips which really alternates us to step us and REALY PWN the enemy. That’s a good thing because this gives us confidence that we are the Dominant Team and that we are going to win this Match and Claim our rightful Victory as winners of the PvP and The Better Team. These steps are also known as Playing as a Team and Playing With a Team. Playing With a Team is like when you say “Okay, you guys do whatever you want. I don’t care! And don’t BOSS me around and say NO fight the Life, because if you can do whatever you want, then I will proudly do the same!!!” Playing as a Team is when you say “Okay, guys we can do this! Were the dominant team! And I’m sure we will win!” That’s and example of good SportsManShip, encouraging your teammates that you’ll be friends whatever you win or lose. Or as I use to say “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game!” This means that if you hate a player, most likely you hate the game that you’re playing. So my advice is to quit the game if you don’t like it, because you’ll be mad if someone that you don’t like is playing plus you don’t even like the game. So what’s the point of HATING ON OTHER PEOPLE??? This is one thing as Storm Wizard’s all of us should already know, in PvP and in MOSTLY shield yourself and the life (if there is one).

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Dec 14, 2010
:D thank you but it's not finshed. it took me week just to come up with it. so the next might come out in early may or late april. thank for ur kindness alos plz tell all members of kingsisle i said thank you for making the best game ever introduced to man kind