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Steven - Proclomation

Dec 15, 2010
I still cannot believe how much I love Kingsisle's hit game, "Wizard101". I started playing around the time Celestia has launched, and have stayed faithful to Kingsisle, always buying a year membership each Christmas so I can continue playing the game that I grew up playing.

My earliest memory is meeting a character named Devin IronSword, though I no longer have any recollection of what we used to do besides goofing around.

Driven by motivation and determination, I returned to playing Wizard101 after around a year long break, which was a really long break. I was so confused, the jewel socketing update when I first rejoined Wizard101 was very confusing and new to me.

Now that my sentimental message is out of the way, what is the purpose of this post?

I've returned and have finally returned to the PvP scene, and with my debut coming up, I would like to make a promise. I'll try my best in all of my matches and improve my strategic skills, but that's not the main reason for this message. I feel as though I owe it to the community to "show my worth", in other words, who is "Steven"?

Back around 2013 I constructed and leveled up a balance wizard, but I would eventually replace him due to him being too over leveled. I was trying to make a start, a new beginning to PvP, a return, if you will, and saw my favorite form of PVP, Legendary, was a good option.

This post was all over the place. Sorry, I tried my best, for a first attempt.

Steven (Soon to be) 65 Balance)