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Feb 15, 2009
i think a stalemate option should be added. there would be an "offer Dra button added in pvp! When you click the system then gives other players in the match a message saying so and so has proposed a draw do you accept? if all players accept, the match is a draw and no player gains or loses rank . all players on your team must accept. if they do it then asks the opponents. if even one player says no and wants the fight the match would continue as normally; to prevent spamming each team can offer a draw only once per round.

Mar 29, 2012
I think it's a good idea. win or lose, i like a fast match. it drives me insane when a life wiz with jade gear shows up and just heal heal heals. oh my gosh its so boring i want to scream! lol, stalemate would be a great option but sadly i doubt they would choose it. life, ugh! lol

Amber Raven Song

Jul 19, 2009
That is a great idea. It would be hilarious if they added it in PvE.

Wizard: Morganthe want a draw?

Morganthe: Sure!

Luke Spritehammer- Currently a Level 64 Legendary in Zafaria