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Mar 15, 2009
watching my wife in a match and one guy did nothing(healer same team as my wife)untill the other team needed healing he cast reberth with beguile on him and healed the other team this happened a few times bad luck huh NO! his friend on the other team and him set it up that way.

my wifes team think they have a healer on there team when he is (healer) a spy for other team, it has happen to me a few times,it makes you think you are fighting a 4v4 when really it is a 3v5 match.

They try to cover themselfs by attacking at the end of the match when its to late to be any good that one way to tell the spy, and they brag about it and laughing it to. nothing you can do abuot it but remeber who it was and do not enter a match with them.

So be aware of spy's if you can play only with people you can trust and friends.

Michael RedBlood
Death Grandmaster

P.S.If you have had same problem let me know.thank you

May 19, 2009
well it doesnt seem to be a real problem bc the only way they could pull this off, would be in practice, and no one ever complains about practice bc its meaningless

Dec 29, 2008
A littile bit absurd. What do you think that life wizard got in return ? Also, there is no guarantee that the pairing will match exactly with his friends team. Like your wife, he also lost rank points. He was maybe intimidated to use rebirth or heal because of beguile, i know so because i had the same feeling when playing on my life wiz and playing against players that are spamming bolts and beguile treasure cards. I had been beguiled three times by a life wizard in one match alone denying my team of the heal that I hesitated at some point to use it. You didnt mention if your wife's team played first or second. If your wife's team went first then I will agree with you that it is fixed since the life wiz on her team can make a pass or use other spells. If they went second thats another story since the life wiz cannot change his spell anymore.

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